Sweet types of bikinis for This Lovely Summer

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Sweet types of bikinis for This Lovely Summer Empty Sweet types of bikinis for This Lovely Summer

Post  toryburchrevas on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:44 am

That's because it's hard to reinvent the bikini or the monokini swimsuits: In the need to balance functionality and sex appeal, designers are limited to what they can actually do. Despite this, one-piece and bikini trends are certainly still influenced by some other fashion trends. Now let's just go on with the second part of the article talking over the fashion bikini trends of 2011.
This swimsuit is more fantastic than common triangle swimsuits. They come in interesting prints, new styles and exciting colors. If you possess big breasts, this bikini is surely your first choice.
Crochet types of bikinis
Crochet bikinis
Influenced both by the return of 1970s fashion and the crochet clothing wholesale trend as an independent spring/summer trend of 2011, crochet bikinis, crochet swimsuits and open weave pieces that have the same effect, are not just on-trend this season but actually they're the must-have fashionable swimwear style.
And for good reason too, when worn right, crochet swimwear offers up that elusive cocktail of sex appeal and reality that every woman wants from her swimsuit. After all, the perfect crochet swimwear doesn't just show off the body and allude to more of it, its intricate wide stitch catches the eye, drawing the viewer in while distracting them from any flaws, imaginations or something else that you might wish to not have noticed.
Metals & Sequins
Perhaps, women always want to catch more attention, so they tend to wear some bikini types with sequins/metals which are very shiny, striking and appealing.
Ruffled Bikini/Swimsuit
Ruffled Bikini/Swimsuit
The fact that ruffled swimwear is an on-trend style at the moment is just about where the rules for the trend end. Unlike vintage swimwear or even one-shoulder sexy bikini 2011, ruffled swimwear has no distinct style "rules". Instead we've seen it styled and cut in a lot of different ways for spring/summer 2011, often working alongside other one-pieces and bikini trends for the year.

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