2011 NFL season the Chicago Bears Preview

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2011 NFL season the Chicago Bears Preview

Post  lulusunny89 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:55 am

2010 record: 11 wins and 5 losses (North country first)
Collapse of the offensive line is:

Last year, this offensive line surrendered a league worst 56 captured kill. Starting aroundMitchell and Ness Jerseys
the front section of personnel restructuring imperative, in fact, every OL position basically a problem. J'Marcus Webb from RT position to the left, Gabe Carimi will serve as the starting RT. LT last year's starting left tackles as a major substitute. Fortunately, the offensive line coach Mike Tice to develop a restructuring plan early, so this new front has enough time to adapt, of course, the issue of experience is inevitable. Six feet eight inches and 333 pounds of Webb's six feet seven inches, 316 pounds makes Carimi upgraded to super heavyweight striker, which is the Tice and Martz desired effect. When Kreutz refused to take a pay cut 1 million to stay team, uniform group determined its break up, and quickly attracted another big man Chris Spencer (center, six feet three inches 309 pounds) now it remains to protect front position. Chris Williams is a 2008 first-round rookie tackles last year, retaining his left front position in the starting, stumbling gone through many hardships, many people doubt the face of inexperienced competitors Lance Louis, if he can keep the starting position. In addition, quarterback Jay Cutler successful weight loss this summer, the body back to a career best, but this has been ridiculed in the press conference, they think it helps to get faster when Cutler hit escape pursuit pocket protection.

Ball group Upgrade:

Completion of the League of Nations finals only five times the ball, the ball in the whole group so the offseason are suffering fans and media criticism. Now the situation has changed, they ushered in the six feet three inches of Roy Williams, his height will change his team's inability to condition the red zone, red zone last year, the Bears score was only 78.4%, ranked 30th in the NFL . The question now is what is in front of Roy in 0607 when he was two seasons under the command of Lions OC Martz won the 146 then 2148 yards of Roy, or that two and a half seasons in the Cowboys won just 94 then 1324 yards of Roy. If the former, he will catch the original group (Hester 40 then 475 yards, Earl Bennett46 then 561 yards, Johnny Knox 51 then 960 yards) is the perfect complement. In Philadelphia eagles jersey
Martz's offensive system, wide receiver than tight end important, so this is how they get Greg Olsen a third-round draft pick in exchange for the right reasons. For an external group, the second year into the Martz's offensive system will be hundreds of times, but the problem is for outstanding Cutler arm strength, they can become a reliable pass target.

DT work:

Julius Peppers last season to join, and Israel Idonije on the DL to make the team the other side of the impact of defensive ability has been greatly improved. Strengthening the protection of the opponent quarterback in the case (especially for Peppers), both of whom still won eight of their sack. However, the unlimited potential of Tommie Harris has been the impact of capacity as before, leading the team sacked him, and now under tackle position (station G in each other's weak-side outside of DT, also known as 3-technique tackle) have healthy competition, before the play DE Henry Melton, Matt Toeaina, Amobi Okoye and Stephen Paea is playing time for this position and fair competition. Training camp is the first stand Melton, University of Texas when he hit the running back! ! His section on the end of the quarter when the team won the day laborers, after a 2.5 sack, and weight gain 35 pounds to now 295 pounds. But relying on the inexperienced rookie to hit 4-3 in that important position clearly have a great risk, so the team then signed Okoye. Anthony Adams's presence will provide an important bit of depth at DT, and only get more gaps (OL stations in the middle of the gap) and defensive duties, in order to make the Peppers from being double-teamed, do more sack.

SWAT team advantage is no longer:

Since taking over in 2004 Dave Toub, the Bears special unit became one of the signs. Devin Hester, the history of
the NFL kick-off / abandoned offensive touchdown kick return record holder, will continue to force the opponent to kick the ball to the sideline. His first three years, Hester returned a total of 94 kick-off attack, but in the past two years, this figure dropped to 19. Manning joined Houston as free agent, there may be a little more this season Hester's kickoff return to the offensive, at least the opportunity would look more. But the league's new rules to kick-off line from 30 yards to 35 yards before pushing this change will weaken the ability of the team back to the attack on the gap. By then, the Bears have Hester back door attack weapon that the advantage will be cut, they are likely to be the same as other teams from their own end line before the group began to attack the flame.It is composed by lulumitchellandnessshopcom 08.26.2011


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