Expert: Stern is the initiator of president should shut down their fried squid

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Expert: Stern is the initiator of president should shut down their fried squid

Post  kusumi on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:35 am

NBA has officially shut down a nfl jersey hot week's time, both sides still can not reach agreement on new labor new ideas. Recently, the U.S. media New York Times columnist Nate - Silva wrote an article expressing his shut down for the NBA this point of view.

In the Silva view, the Union president, David - Stern should be shut down this bears a large responsibility, if the league really as bad as he had said, in last season's deficit of $ 370 million, then only shows that he's incompetent, he should consider himself to fire off.

Been caused by labor disputes, much of the fuse is David - Stern had announced a number, he said the league last season's losses reached $ 370 million, most of the bosses are living beyond their means, so the future can not be continue to implement existing labor provisions, must be in the player's contract, salary mechanism has changed, the only way to solve the dilemma of bosses.

However, the New York Times columnist Nate - Silva has expressed doubts on this matter, has his own micro-Bo wrote on the case saying: If David - Stern really believe that the NBA last season loss of $ 370 million, then he should not fried squid own it?

In the Silva view, but for alliance management problems really exist, or is David - Stern intentionally "poor-mouth." Stern has said, NBA showing the overall loss of a league of 30 teams in 22 have lost money last season (according to the recent alliance of the latest statistics, the loss in the 2010-11 season they reached $ 300 million).

Stern's work is the owner of the league's 30 service, if one has 22 bosses are therefore losing money, while Stern was powerless to prevent it, which only shows league is really in trouble, whether that by the Stern This reflect it?

In the bargaining process, Stern should have played a nfl jersey very important role, but in terms of the development of new labor, he did not play its due role, and ultimately to shut down the scene took place. Stern seems to Union under the leadership should indeed some issues are resolved. Mechanisms such as the bloated league officials, is to clean up the body, so that staff time more efficiently.

More importantly, in the operation of the alliance, Stern paid for, which allow people to question, the Union's loss in the end come from? The NBA spent a lot of things a lot of money, they spend money to buy a stake in New Orleans, this figure is just $ 300 million, and is still operating WNBA, overseas development, has also been a great investment, it was all Union, the result of the operation.It is composed by kusuminfljerseyhotcom 07.06.2011


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